SDI Academy
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“We believe that integration happens by working together.”
Our social hackathon aims at training migrant workers to co-create innovative solutions to social problems together with Singaporeans.

On 19th of March about 30 migrant workers and Singaporeans will be invited to learn about the principles of Design Thinking and to experience how they together can solve a variety of challenges in the life of a migrant worker.

After the event all participants have the opportunity to get personal coaching which supports them to actually put the ideas into practice.

The Social Hackathon is a collaboration of SDI Academy and ProjectTogether. Both organizations are on the forefront of training ordinary people to do extraordinary things.
1:00 pm: Arrival
1:15 pm: Intro & Icebreaker
1:30 pm: Theoretical intro to Design Thinking & your personal role
2:15 pm: Our challenges: Skills Training, Social Cohesion, Food
2:25 pm: Brainstorming problems (by the “world café” method)
3:30 pm: Pitching the problem statements
3:45 pm: Break & food
4:45 pm: Forming teams
5:00 pm: Finding one realistic solution
5:30 pm: Prototyping
6:30 pm: Presentation and selection of winners
After: Get-together